December 2011: Messiah

What some members of the choir thought

"Last night's concert was an exhilarating experience, with the choir presenting a united professional approach to the performance; the soloists were engaging, interactive and outstanding. I felt that Nigel creatively elicited the very best from all forces and transformed a much-heard piece into something incredibly special. I had several friends in the audience and have heard nothing but praise for our performance; I felt privileged and proud to be part of Exeter Festival Chorus."

"On a personal level, I thoroughly enjoyed singing something that I was confident I knew every note in and could give Nigel the attention he deserved.  It was a fitting end to my wonderful years being part of EFC."

"All of my friends who were there said   "Fantastic!" Although I was singing, the standing ovation was well deserved! The soloists were terrific, especially the soprano. The violins managed to keep quiet enough for the altos to 'get through'! As a singer I loved it,  one of the more memorable Messiah concerts I have ever sung in; and I first sang this as a treble at school!"

"I think it was the most moving performance of the Messiah that I have ever sung in. The soloists were stunning, particularly the tenor and the soprano, who gave very dramatic performances and really interpreted the words in a quite electrifying way. You could see that the audience was totally engaged by them."