November 2006: Haydn The Creation

Haydn: The Creation (Die Schőpfung)

Exeter Cathedral, 9 November 2006

EFC joins forces with members of the Erloeserkirche and Bach choirs from Exeter's German twin city, Bad Homburg, for a performance of Haydn's best-known oratorio 'The Creation'. Full of fresh and vivid musical imagery, the work depicts the manifold glories and mysteries of the creation of our world according to the Biblical account in Genesis.

Exeter Express and Echo

Source: Margaret Smith

"All the joy of Haydn's great oratorio was fulfilled in the version presented in Exeter Cathedral by Exeter Festival Chorus and the Erloeserkirche Choir from Exeter’s twin town, Bad Homburg with The Sinfonietta, conducted by Nigel Perrin.It was a performance that was full of itself, bursting with energy and brightness and it carried the listeners along on a journey through chaos and calm to the ultimate conclusion. It does make you wonder, though, at what mankind has done to all that mighty beauty.

The soloists were Catherine Bott (soprano), Caroline Lowe (alto), and Gavin Carr, whose dark bass voice produced the most impressive singing. Wynne Evans was unfortunately indisposed but brilliantly replaced by Andrew Staples. All the soloists were good and their voices blended well in this persuasive interpretation.

The performance was compulsive from the start, chorus and orchestra joining in a dedicated performance that was both stylish and fun. The cheerfully roaring lion; the flexible tiger and the nimble stag all made their appearances against a background of outrageous storms and great whales. Both Chorus and orchestra seemed to be giving their best and this really was a most excellent performance - made all the better because Andrew Millington was the organist and Richard Studt led The Sinfonietta."